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About Ashfield
The Town of Ashfield Massachusetts was founded in 1765 and is located in Franklin County. Originally the town was named Huntstown in 1736 but was later incorporated under its present name in 1765 with the support of Lord Thurlow of Ashfield, England.

Ashfield has about 1800 year round residents, in fact it's only in the last 20 years that more people have moved to the town rather than leave it.

Now a day's people are lured in by the cool breeze and scenic vistas and people from all over have moved to the town and have turned it into a cultural center.

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The Resonant Rogues

When: Jun 25, 2016 8 PM in Ashfield, Massachusetts (Sat, 25 Jun 2016 20 )
Writing in the Garden - Places of Childhood
Place looms large in childhood memories, yet it's hard to define what creates a sense of place. Writer Jane Joy Brown will write to prompts that conjure memories of favorite childhood places outdoors. Then we will visit different spots at Bug Hill Farm to observe what makes each distinctive and write about those qualities. Writers will take away a richer understanding of how to choose key details to portray any outdoor environment. No writing experience is required.   $40 per person, bring your own lunch picnic

When: Jun 4, 2016 10 AM in Ashfield, Massachusetts (Sat, 04 Jun 2016 10 )
Summer Sizzle Jamboree - Local grass fed meat barbecue workshop
Learn about preparing & grilling grass fed meat direct from the dedicated farmers at Ashfield Meat CSA know their animals.  Then join us for a flavor filled lunch of lamb, beef, pork and all the trimmings while enjoying some bluegrass inspired music! Schedule: 12 Noon - introductions and talk from Ashfield's grass fed meat CSA owners, Janet Clark (Steady Lane Farm) & Ipek Kursat (Dew Green Farm) 1 Pm- Lunch on Bug Hill Farm's front porch 2PM - 3PM on - Visit the farm's store to sample an array of products, purchase grass fed meat (frozen) and take home recipes from the day's menu including techniques on preparing grass fed meat.  Stay on to share conversations, listen to music and pick berries (priced separately) and/or walk the fields and wood's trails at the farm, visit the beaver pond. Menu: All meat from Ashfield: Steady Lane grass fed beef and Dew Green's grass lamb & pork Organic Vegetables from local sources including Bug Hill Farm Pork Loin marinated in Bug Hill Farm's Spiced Pear Shrub with the farm's Heirloom Apple Chutney glaze Flank Steak with Chimichurri and White Miso Glaze Moroccan Lamb Patties with Tzatziki and Bug Hill Farm's Zaatar (Side Hill Farm yogurt) Roasted Barley Salad with red peppers, cilantro & sesame oil vinagrette Heirloom Tomato & fresh Mozzarella platter with the farm's basil & balsamic vinegar reduction BBQ Roasted Corn Salad Anna Bread baguettes with fresh rosemary butter & cracked pepper Bug Hill Farm's berries drizzled with our Strawberry Shrub and topped with whipped coconut cream The farm's Black Currant Cordial spritzers or Organic Chocolate-Mint Lemonade Price per person all inclusive:  $65; vegetarians $55, Children under twelve $10

When: Jul 31, 2016 12 PM in Ashfield, Massachusetts (Sun, 31 Jul 2016 12 )
Three Women's Passion for Plants - Cut Flower and Garden Design
Mix one award winning botanical illustrator*, with a renaissance style florist & caterer, add an MHS award winning garden designer** & grower and you have a recipe for an afternoon of hands-on learning about perennials, best annuals for cutting, floral & garden design and more!  *Beverly Duncan, studied Graphic Design at the University of California, Berkeley, and Children's Book Illustration at the Northampton School of Design. Ms. Duncan has worked as a self-taught botanical artist since 1991. In addition to creating watercolors on paper, Duncan illustrates horticultural books and teaches Botanical Drawing and Painting at the Hill Institute in Florence, Massachusetts **Kate Kerivan, owner of Bug Hill Farm was awarded a gold medal from Massachusetts Horticultural Society and the Arnold Arboretum for her use of unusual hardy plants, has an M.A. in ecological landscape design from Conway School of Landscape Design, and an M.S. in Environmental Studies.  She has been an educator and avid plantswoman for over 30 years. Includes: plant lists, refreshments and take-home arrangements.

When: Jul 16, 2016 2 PM in Ashfield, Massachusetts (Sat, 16 Jul 2016 14 )
Edible Flowers - Lunch and Garden Party
Bring your child or a friend for a garden & greenhouse tour, and a dress up high tea using pick-your-own edible flowers for food and garnishes. Carly from Acorn Kitchens will show you how to concoct herbal teas, elderflower syrup & these & other wild flowers, we will have flora treats. Take home recipes and enough elder to make your own syrup or cordial, and some free samples of the farm's jams!  Just wear your favorite frock for "high" tea, New England farm-style! Learn how to make tisanes, sodas & cordials, along with a unique New England version of an English high tea using elderflowers, juneberry and more! Menu: Milkweed Flower Bud Quiche Wild Nori Rolls  Juneberry Tarts Elderflower cake  Black Locust Flower Tea Wild Rose Tea Dandelion Soda Linden Soda Chickweed Comfrey Mint Juice 

When: Jun 25, 2016 10 AM in Ashfield, Massachusetts (Sat, 25 Jun 2016 10 )

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